Autism spectrum disorders

AI detects autism speech patterns across different languages

A new study led by Northwestern University researchers used machine learning—a branch of artificial intelligence—to identify speech patterns in children with autism that were consistent between English and Cantonese, ...


How left brain asymmetry is related to reading ability

Researchers led by Mark Eckert at the Medical University of South Carolina, United States, report that two seemingly opposing theories of language processing are both correct. Publishing in the open-access journal PLOS Biology ...

Diseases, Conditions, Syndromes

Hey Siri, do I have COVID?

Throughout much of the COVID-19 global pandemic, being tested for the virus has involved not only uncomfortable nasal swabs, but also often waiting in long lines at testing centers or having to make appointments with a doctor.

Psychology & Psychiatry

Struggling to learn a new language? Blame it on your stable brain

A study in patients with epilepsy is helping researchers understand how the brain manages the task of learning a new language while retaining our mother tongue. The study, by neuroscientists at UC San Francisco, sheds light ...


Can a newborn's brain discriminate speech sounds?

People's ability to perceive speech sounds has been deeply studied, specially during someone's first year of life, but what happens during the first hours after birth? Are babies born with innate abilities to perceive speech ...

Medical research

Study explains 'cocktail party effect' in hearing impairment

Plenty of people struggle to make sense of a multitude of converging voices in a crowded room. Commonly known as the "cocktail party effect," people with hearing loss find it's especially difficult to understand speech in ...

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