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Beijing lifts some lockdowns as virus cases drop

Beijing lifted several lockdowns imposed to control a fresh coronavirus outbreak and reported just three new cases in the city on Wednesday, raising hopes that the cluster had been brought under control.

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How to have a better day during the pandemic

It's entirely reasonable during a pandemic to feel more stressed, anxious, lonely and depressed than usual. Yet, despite the circumstances, some people are doing OK. Some people continue to feel love for others, gratitude ...

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Saudi ends virus lockdown despite spike in infections

Saudi Arabia on Sunday ended a nationwide coronavirus curfew and lifted restrictions on businesses, including hair salons and cinemas, after three months of stringent curbs, despite a spike in infections.

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Chinese county restricts travel as Beijing races to contain virus

Travel restrictions were placed on nearly half a million people near Beijing on Thursday as authorities rush to contain a fresh outbreak of the coronavirus with a mass test-and-trace effort and lockdowns in parts of the Chinese ...

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Beijing fights new virus outbreak as India deaths soar

China closed schools in Beijing and restricted air travel from the capital on Wednesday to halt an outbreak of coronavirus cases and dampen fears of a second wave, as India's death toll spiked and Sweden's went above 5,000.

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Steroid 'breakthrough' raises virus hopes, despite China outbreak

The World Health Organization on Tuesday hailed a "breakthrough" steroid treatment for the coronavirus, boosting hopes that pandemic deaths can be reduced, but a growing new cluster in China sparked fears of a second wave ...

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