Cardiologists are first to use tool to remove tumor from heart

Interventional cardiologists at the UW Medicine Heart Institute in Seattle recently performed a first-in-human procedure, successfully employing a catheter-delivered device to retrieve a benign tumor from inside a patient's ...

Obstetrics & gynaecology

Patency of iliac vein stents examined in subsequent pregnancy

For women with subsequent pregnancy, iliac vein stents demonstrate good peripregnancy and postpregnancy stent patency, according to a study published online in the March 1 issue of the Journal of Vascular Surgery: Venous ...


Studies compare best ways to treat wide-neck aneurysms

Aneurysms are weak, bulging portions of blood vessel walls. These blood-filled sacs resemble balloons in structure and have necks like balloons. Some aneurysms have larger necks and are called "wide-neck" aneurysms. These ...

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