Diseases, Conditions, Syndromes

Perceived stigmatization common for patients with psoriasis

(HealthDay)—Sociodemographic, disease-related, and personality variables can predict perceived stigmatization in psoriasis, which occurs in the majority of patients, according to a study published online July 20 in the ...

Overweight & Obesity

Many obese women face stigma every day, study finds

(HealthDay)—Women who are overweight and obese are likely to experience frequent, daily insults and humiliation from strangers, family and friends, according to a new study.


Stigma: At the root of ostracism and bullying

Increasing evidence shows that stigma – whether due to a child's weight, sexual orientation, race, income or other attribute—is at the root of bullying, and that it can cause considerable harm to a child's mental health.

Psychology & Psychiatry

Thinking you're old and frail

Older adults who categorise themselves as old and frail encourage attitudinal and behavioural confirmation of that identity.

Overweight & Obesity

Overweight physicians are also vulnerable to weight bias

(Medical Xpress)—Overweight patients are not the only ones who suffer weight stigmatization in the doctor's office, a Yale study finds. Physicians who are overweight or obese are vulnerable to biased attitudes from patients ...

Overweight & Obesity

Bioethics leader calls for bold approach to fighting obesity

Arguing that obesity "may be the most difficult and elusive public health problem the United States has ever encountered" and that anti-obesity efforts having made little discernible difference, Daniel Callahan, co-founder ...

Overweight & Obesity

Body weight and gender influence judgment in the courtroom

(Medical Xpress)—In a study that offers insight into the depth of stigmatization of overweight and obese people, researchers at the Yale Rudd Center for Food Policy & Obesity found that weight stigma extends to the courtroom. ...

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