New neurology studies a 'wakeup call' for global health

Neurology experts from around the world will convene November 27 in Auckland, New Zealand, for a conference on "brain health," examining what one calls "the greatest challenge of societies in the 21st century." Among the ...

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Biggest ever cholera vaccine drive underway in Africa: UN

The biggest cholera vaccine drive in history is under way in Africa aimed at reining in a spate of outbreaks across the continent, the UN and charity alliance Gavi said Monday.

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Sudanese doctors urge measures against cholera outbreak

Sudanese doctors and aid workers urged the government to declare a state of emergency over a cholera outbreak and delay the start of the school year, which began on Sunday, although authorities say the situation is under ...

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As South Sudan's civil war rages, cholera takes deadly toll

Clasping frail arms around his stomach, Machar Weituor doubles over in pain as he slowly positions himself over the hole in his bed. Too feeble to make it to the toilet, the 40-year-old groans faintly as he defecates into ...

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