Sports medicine & Kinesiology

Hyaluronic acid shows strong results in Achilles tendon injuries

New data presented at the Isokinetic Football Medicine Conferenceheld May 25–27 in London has revealed significant improvement in professional athletes with Achilles tendon injury using a treatment of bio-inductive and ...


Achilles tendinitis: What is it, and what are the treatments?

Chronic tendon issues are a frequent source of pain and can limit activity. They become more common with age, weight and certain activities, and early and appropriate diagnosis by a doctor is critical to get the best outcomes.

Biomedical technology

Engineering team develops multifunctional tendon-mimetic hydrogels

Repairing or replacing injured tendons or similar load-bearing tissues represents one of the major challenges in clinical medicine. Natural tendons are water-rich tissues exhibiting outstanding mechanical strength and durability. ...


Common back ailment could be sign of heart failure

Columbia researchers have found a link between a common back ailment and a type of heart failure, suggesting that screening patients with lumbar spinal stenosis could identify those at risk of the heart disease and prevent ...

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