Alzheimer's disease & dementia

Brain region can signal early-stage Alzheimer's and other dementias

(Medical Xpress) -- A key misplaced yet again? Unable to recall a name? Forgetfulness frequently leads to anxiety: is it just a sign of age, or are these the first symptoms of the onset of Alzheimer’s disease? It has ...

Psychology & Psychiatry

Bias towards negativity predicts vulnerability to stress

( -- People who naturally notice negative information over positive information are more susceptible to stress, research has revealed. The findings increase our understanding of what makes people vulnerable to ...

Psychology & Psychiatry

Fear of exams can be overcome, psychologist says

What lies at the origin of the fear of examinations, and what can students and lecturers do to allay it? In the following interview, LMU Professor Anne Frenzel (Chair of Psychology in the Learning Sciences) answers both questions.

Medical research

Research shows that drinking Matcha tea can reduce anxiety

Many different countries have a tea culture, and Japanese Matcha tea is growing in popularity around the world. In Japan, Matcha has a long history of being used for various medicinal purposes. It has been suspected to have ...

Psychology & Psychiatry

Pre-test jitters might boost scores, study says

(HealthDay)—For students with a good memory, feeling anxious before taking an exam might actually lead to a higher test score, researchers have found.


Mystery gene reveals new mechanism for anxiety disorders

A novel mechanism for anxiety behaviors, including a previously unrecognized inhibitory brain signal, may inspire new strategies for treating psychiatric disorders, University of Chicago researchers report.

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