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Life-hack: Rituals spell anxiety relief

With graduation ceremonies, weddings, funeral, annual parades, and many other gatherings called off in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, it is apparent that our lives are going to be without familiar rituals—just when ...


Novartis, Aurobindo call off Sandoz sale

Swiss pharmaceuticals giant Novartis said Thursday it had struck a mutual agreement with Aurobindo Pharma to cancel a deal to sell Sandoz to the Indian firm.


Corporate churning associated with lower nursing home quality

Over the last two decades, thousands of nursing homes have been bought and sold by corporate chains. A new study has found that these transactions are related to lower quality of care. The results of this study suggest that ...

Psychology & Psychiatry

Boosting self-expression online may limit impulsive purchases

(Medical Xpress)—Long online transactions can take a toll on a person's self-control, but adding more self-expression and personal identity to those processes can help restore control, according to Penn State researchers.


Syria drug shortages threaten health catastrophe

Not only is Syrian father Motaz struggling to put food on the table, he must also pay astronomical prices to import insulin for his diabetic son because of drug shortages in the war-torn country.