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CDC: 'Strong recommendation' but no rule for masks on planes

The government's top public health agency is raising the importance of wearing face masks on planes, trains and buses, although the Trump administration has resisted making masks mandatory for travelers.

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Slovenia brings in curfew to fight virus surge

The Slovenian government announced Monday a nationwide curfew and an internal travel ban as the country fights to bring down a surge in coronavirus cases.

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South Africa passes 700,000 coronavirus cases

The number of people in South Africa who have tested positive for coronavirus has topped 700,000, official figures showed overnight, another grim milestone for the continent's worst-hit country.

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Curfew begins for 20 million French people

Some 20 million French people are preparing to spend their first evening under curfew on Saturday, a measure taken by the government after an alarming surge in new coronavirus cases.

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Stopping the virus and closing borders

Travel restrictions implemented early on in the pandemic have been crucial in slowing the spread of the coronavirus and keeping death rates low. A new study published by Ruud Koopmans, director at the WZB Berlin Social Science ...

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Over half EU countries 'red' on new virus travel map: agency

More than half of countries in the EU, plus the UK, were on Thursday labelled red in a new map issued by the bloc's disease control agency aimed at guiding decisions on travel restrictions.

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EU countries adopt common travel guidelines amid pandemic

European Union countries on Tuesday approved a series of guidelines including a "traffic-light" system aimed at facilitating free movement across the bloc and avoiding further travel disruption during the coronavirus pandemic.

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EU agrees common virus rules in bid to end travel chaos

EU members agreed Friday on a method to determine safe travel destinations within Europe, hoping to unify the bloc's haphazard patchwork of travel restrictions due to Covid-19.

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Mental health toll of pandemic 'devastating': WHO

The COVID-19 pandemic is having a "devastating impact" on mental health services globally, the World Health Organization said Monday, ahead of a large fundraising push.

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