Oncology & Cancer

New review on p53 biology and reactivation in blood cancers

In a recently published review in the journal Biomarker Research, Joanna Zawacka, Docent at the department of Oncology-Pathology discusses our current understanding of p53 biology in myelodysplastic syndrome (MDS) and acute ...

Oncology & Cancer

Researchers reveal mechanism of drug reactivating tumor suppressors

Researchers have revealed the mechanism of a drug shown to be effective in treating certain types of cancer, which targets a protein modification silencing the expression of multiple tumor suppressor genes. They also demonstrated ...

Oncology & Cancer

The role of p53 as a target for novel cancer therapies

The p53 tumor suppressor protein is encoded by TP53, the most frequently mutated gene in cancer. A review article published in Nature Reviews Clinical Oncology by Professor Klas G Wiman and colleagues at the Department of ...

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