Oncology & Cancer

Prototype drug uses novel mechanism to treat lung cancers

Cells are constantly turning proteins on and off via molecular switches—phosphate molecules—that have become common drug targets. in a new study, lung cancer tumors were prevented in mice by a novel small molecule that ...


A better view of how tumors form in the eye

The formation of tumors in the eye can cause blindness. But, for some reason our corneas, the transparent layer that forms the front of our eyes, have a natural ability to prevent it.

Diseases, Conditions, Syndromes

Undermining host-cell defences

Ludwig Maximilian University researchers have discovered that a protein which is well known for its role as a tumor suppressor is also required for inhibition of the replication of the coronavirus that causes SARS.

Oncology & Cancer

Study identifies potential treatment target for pancreatic cancer

Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) investigators have identified the first potential molecular treatment target for the most common form of pancreatic cancer, which kills more than 90 percent of patients. Along with finding ...

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