Diseases, Conditions, Syndromes

AI now sees and hears COVID in your lungs

For Dr. Mary-Anne Hartley, a medical doctor and researcher in EPFL's intelligent Global Health group (iGH), 2020 has been relentless. "It's not a relaxing time to study infectious diseases," she explained.

Biomedical technology

Video: The brain during a heart attack

State-of-the-art photoacoustic microscopy (imaging using the heat given off by lasers) shows the blood flow in a mouse brain before, during, and after cardiac arrest, showing the drastic change in the brain's blood flow when ...

Oncology & Cancer

Destroying cancer cells with non-surgical ultrasound treatment

Focusing ultrasound energy on a target site in the body to generate heat can incinerate and destroy the tissue at the site without a surgical procedure. This method is clinically applied to treat uterine fibroids, prostatic ...

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