Opioid-related deaths affecting more younger adults, study finds

From 2003 through 2020, as opioid-related mortality in Ontario, Canada increased five-fold, the age distribution also shifted downward—with rates now peaking for people in their mid-30s—according to a new study published ...

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German disease control head warns of 'terrible Christmas'

The head of Germany's disease control agency has warned that the country faces a "really terrible Christmas" unless steps are taken to counter the sharp rise in coronavirus infections.

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Dutch government tightens COVID-19 measures again

Faced with sharply rising coronavirus cases, the caretaker prime minister of the Netherlands said Tuesday that the Dutch government is reinstituting an order to wear face masks in public places like stores and libraries and ...

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Drug deaths rise to record high in England and Wales

England and Wales last year registered the highest number of fatal drug overdoses since records began in 1993, with cocaine and opiates blamed for the rising trend, the Office for National Statistics (ONS) said Tuesday.

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Vaccinations, masks are best tools against Delta variant

The U.S. is once again experiencing an increase in COVID-19 cases, hospitalizations and deaths due, in part, to the rapid spread of the virus' highly transmissible Delta variant.

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Rise in UK coronavirus cases stoke concerns over 3rd wave

The number of new coronavirus infections in the U.K. hit a near two-month high Friday as British regulators authorized the use of the single-dose vaccine from Johnson & Johnson.

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Experts: Virus surge in Europe a cautionary tale for US

Optimism is spreading in the U.S. as COVID-19 deaths plummet and states ease restrictions and open vaccinations to younger adults. But across Europe, dread is setting in with another wave of infections that is closing schools ...

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