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England imposes six-week lockdown after COVID surge

Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Monday announced a six-week lockdown for England's 56 million people, including the closure of schools, after a surge in coronavirus cases brought warnings that hospitals could soon face collapse.

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New virus lockdown looms for Belgium

Belgium appears headed for a new lockdown to stem a variant-fuelled surge in COVID infections, according to reports on the eve of an emergency government meeting set for Wednesday.

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As rich nations battle COVID-19, anxiety grows for low-income states

As Europe and the United States struggle to contain the coronavirus pandemic, aid groups warn that without measures millions could die in low-income countries and war zones such as Syria and Yemen, where hygiene conditions ...


Support needed for multiple-birth families to improve outcomes

Having multiple-birth babies can be a time of wonder and excitement, however, according to the first-ever international collaborative report released today, these babies and their families can face serious disadvantages compared ...

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