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Increased infectivity, antibody escape drive SARS-CoV-2 evolution

First announced by the World Health Organization on Nov. 26, 2021, the SARS-CoV-2 omicron variant spread rapidly around the world, becoming the dominant variant in the U.S. and elsewhere. Now, researchers report in ACS Infectious ...

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Concerns rise over Indonesia's sputtering COVID vaccinations

Indonesia has significantly recovered from a mid-year spike in coronavirus cases and deaths that was one of the worst in the region, but with its vaccination drive stalling due to logistical challenges and other issues, and ...

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Russia reports record virus deaths for third day

Russia on Thursday reported its highest coronavirus death toll for a third day in a row, as infections spike driven by the contagious Delta variant and slow vaccination rates.

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Philippines approves COVID jabs for kids as young as 12

The Philippines has approved COVID-19 jabs for children as young as 12, an aide to President Rodrigo Duterte said Tuesday, as the country battles surging infections fuelled by the hyper-contagious Delta variant.

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Israel launches COVID antibody tests for children as young as 3

Israel on Sunday launched antibody testing for children aged as young as three, seeking information on the number of unvaccinated youths who have developed protection against coronavirus ahead of the new school year.


Israel to begin COVID booster shots for over 40s

Israelis aged 40 and over will be able to receive coronavirus vaccine booster shots starting this weekend, Health Minister Nitzan Horowitz said Thursday, as the country battles a spike in infections.

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Bangladesh to vaccinate 10 million in seven days

Bangladesh extended its strict lockdown on Tuesday and announced plans to vaccinate at least 10 million people in a week as the country battles a major COVID-19 surge.

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