FDA advisers weigh COVID-19 booster shots for fall

Outlining a daunting timeline for development of any updated COVID-19 vaccine for next fall, federal health officials told an expert advisory panel on Wednesday that clinical trials of potential candidates would have to begin ...


Link between COVID-19 vaccination, sudden deafness explored

The possible association between COVID-19 vaccination and sudden sensorineural hearing loss (SSNHL) is unclear, according to two studies published online Feb. 24 in JAMA Otolaryngology–Head & Neck Surgery.


US gives full approval to Moderna's COVID-19 vaccine

U.S. health regulators on Monday granted full approval to Moderna's COVID-19 vaccine, a shot that's already been given to tens of millions of Americans since its emergency authorization over a year ago.

Diseases, Conditions, Syndromes

How easy is it to update COVID vaccines to tackle new variants?

Our ongoing battles with COVID variants delta and omicron highlight just how quickly viruses can mutate, and what that can mean for public health. How quickly can we modify COVID-19 vaccines to tackle any new variants that ...

Medical economics

The scapegoat denying Africans COVID vaccines

In 2020, when COVID-19 infection rates were at their peak, the world looked to science and global cooperation to find a vaccine that would prevent further illness and deaths.


Oxford vaccine reaches 2-billion-dose milestone

Today, as AstraZeneca reports 2 billion doses of the COVID-19 vaccine released for supply, University of Oxford scientists explain how it has been possible to produce so much of the vaccine in less than a year, and the unprecedented ...


Franco-Austrian firm Valneva wins EU COVID jab deal

Franco-Austrian biotech firm Valneva will supply the European Union with as many as 60 million doses of its COVID-19 vaccine under the terms of a deal announced on Wednesday.

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