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EXPLAINER: What does it mean for COVID-19 to be endemic?

Some European countries such as Spain are making tentative plans for when they might start treating COVID-19 as an "endemic" disease, but the World Health Organization and other officials have warned that the world is nowhere ...

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Africa CDC in talks with Pfizer for COVID treatment pill

The director of Africa's Centers for Disease Control said the organization is talking to Pfizer about bringing its COVID-19 treatment pill to the continent, which has just passed 10 million cases.

Diseases, Conditions, Syndromes

Vaccination of under-12s starts in handful of EU countries

Greece and a handful of other European Union members began vaccinating children aged 5-11 on Wednesday against COVID-19 as governments brace for the holiday season and the spread of the omicron variant.


EU agencies back 'mix & match' COVID boosters

European Union health authorities on Tuesday backed using a mix of COVID-19 vaccines, saying it could in some cases produce a better response than a single jab.

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