Studying the causes of sudden death in epilepsy

One in every 1,000 patients with epilepsy dies suddenly every year. Researchers have confirmed that some severe-type seizures (generalized convulsive seizures—GCS) are the most consistent risk factor for Sudden Unexpected ...


Study finds long- and short-term memory vie for brain space

The brain is a battlefield where cognitive domains vie for limited resources, and this appears to be particularly true during sleep. A University of California, Irvine-led research team has discovered that long-term memory ...

Psychology & Psychiatry

Brain changes during orgasmic meditation, study finds

In a first-ever study, orgasmic meditation, a unique spiritual practice that uses stimulation of a woman's clitoris as its focus, has been found to produce a distinctive pattern of brain function, according to a study published ...

Medical research

New measuring device minimizes surgical risk

All you have to do is hold your breath for a moment and a new electromedical device provides important data about possible risks before an operation.

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