Beta blockers can repair malformed blood vessels in the brain

Propranolol, a drug that is efficacious against infantile haemangiomas ("strawberry naevi," resembling birthmarks), can also be used to treat cerebral cavernous malformations, a condition characterized by misshapen blood ...

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Vascular malformations contribute to lower quality of life

(HealthDay)—Patients with vascular malformations (VAMs) have increased pain and psychosocial distress, compared with the general U.S. population, according to a review published online March 21 in JAMA Dermatology.

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Percutaneous sclerotherapy with bleomycin effective, tolerable

(HealthDay)—Percutaneous bleomycin injections are effective and tolerable for the treatment of vascular malformations, according to a study published online Sept. 4 in the International Journal of Dermatology.

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Study points to possible treatment for a rare vascular disease

In individuals with a rare genetic disorder that affects blood vessels, arteries and veins develop abnormal connections, causing bleeding in the skin, nose, and other organs. In most cases, the condition—hereditary hemorraghic ...


Cosmetic camouflage benefits youth with visible skin issues

(HealthDay)—Cosmetic camouflage can improve quality of life in children and adolescents with visible vascular and pigmentary anomalies, according to a study published in the November issue of the Journal of the American ...

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