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White House to take temperature of all visitors and staff

Anyone entering the White House will have their temperature taken, an official said Sunday, tightening preventive measures against the coronavirus one day after US President Donald Trump tested negative.

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World walls off as leaders warn viral pandemic will worsen

People around the world became increasingly closed off from one another Thursday as sweeping travel bans accelerated, walling regions apart as a viral pandemic unfolds and financial markets plunge.

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WHO declares that virus crisis is now a pandemic

Expressing alarm both about mounting infections and slow government responses, the World Health Organization declared Wednesday that the global coronavirus crisis is now a pandemic but also said it's not too late for countries ...


Study finds 'far-reaching' impact from Affordable Care Act

By 2008, when President Obama was first elected, the rate of uninsurance in the U.S. had been steadily deteriorating: nearly 56 million Americans reported they had no health insurance for at least part of the prior year. ...