Zoom fatigue affects young women more than others

A group of researchers, including Markus Fiedler at Blekinge Institute of Technology in Sweden has studied the phenomenon of video conference fatigue, or "Zoom fatigue," and concluded that both age, gender and personality ...

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Moscow sees new variants behind COVID-19 spike

New variants of COVID-19 are suspected of causing a sudden jump in the number of cases in the Russian capital, the mayor said Thursday, amid a sluggish vaccination drive.

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A study predicts smooth interaction between humans and robots

According to a new study by Tampere University in Finland, making eye contact with a robot may have the same effect on people as eye contact with another person. The results predict that interaction between humans and humanoid ...

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Merkel 'deeply concerned' by rapid jump in coronavirus infections

Chancellor Angela Merkel is deeply worried about sharply rising new coronavirus infections in Germany, her spokesman said Monday, urging citizens to keep to strict hygiene measures including masks if social distancing cannot ...

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WHO Europe chief urges nations to keep up COVID quarantines

The World Health Organization's European director warned national governments Thursday against reducing the quarantine period for people potentially exposed to the coronavirus, even as he acknowledged that COVID-19 "fatigue" ...

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