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Research team studies homicides of health professionals

Published in the Journal of Clinical Psychology, University of Minnesota Medical School researchers have examined homicide rates of health professionals in the United States to inform prevention interventions and strategies.

Psychology & Psychiatry

As suicides rise, Spain seeks answers despite social taboo

"Eleven people commit suicide every day in Spain, the number is growing and the necessary measures are not being taken," said Victoria de la Serna, 63, whose son took his own life over a decade ago.

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Violence is the expression of physical force against self or other, compelling action against one's will on pain of being hurt. Variant uses of the term refer to the destruction of non-living objects (see property damage). Worldwide, violence is used as a tool of manipulation and also is an area of concern for law and culture which take attempts to suppress and stop it. The word violence covers a broad spectrum. It can vary from between a physical altercation between two beings where a slight injury may be the outcome to war and genocide where millions may die as a result.

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