Oncology & Cancer

Using AI to predict bone fractures in cancer patients

As medicine continues to embrace machine learning, a new study suggests how scientists may use artificial intelligence to predict how cancer may affect the probability of fractures along the spinal column.


New memory test bridges gap between human and animal research

Clinical scientists at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) Memory and Aging Center have teamed up with preclinical researchers at the Gladstone Institutes to advance Alzheimer's disease research by developing ...


3-D virtual reality models help yield better surgical outcomes

A UCLA-led study has found that using three-dimensional virtual reality models to prepare for kidney tumor surgeries resulted in substantial improvements, including shorter operating times, less blood loss during surgery ...

Biomedical technology

Mapping complex variability onto intricate virtual models

Anybody who has ever seen a picture of a brain knows that it's not a simple smooth oval; it's more like a tangle of fat worms. But when researchers seek to predict and understand its physical and electrical behavior, they ...

Medical research

Researchers study knee stress at tissue, cellular levels

A Cleveland Clinic research team is developing virtual models of human knee joints to better understand how tissues and their individual cells react to heavy loads – virtual models that someday can be used to understand ...

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