HPV vaccine is effective, safe 10 years after it's given

A decade of data on hundreds of boys and girls who received the HPV vaccine indicates the vaccine is safe and effective long term in protecting against the most virulent strains of the virus, researchers report.

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How African salmonella strains are evolving to become more dangerous

Salmonella infections are typically the culprit behind food poisoning outbreaks, but in sub-Saharan Africa, they often cause drug-resistant, deadly bloodstream infections and meningitis. A study in mice published February ...

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French hospitals overwhelmed by flu epidemic

French hospitals are being stretched to their limits by a major flu epidemic sweeping the country, France's health authorities warn.

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Taiwan to cull 120,000 chickens after bird flu outbreak

Taiwanese authorities began culling around 120,000 chickens on Friday following the latest outbreak of a less virulent strain of bird flu, one of the island's biggest culls in recent years.


Building evolution-proof drugs

A new generation of drugs could help combat the growing number of bacterial diseases that are becoming resistant to antibiotics, a study reveals.

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Bubonic plague claims 32 lives in Madagascar (Update)

Bubonic plague, which wiped out a third of Europe's population in the Middle Ages, has reared its ugly head in the African island state of Madagascar where 32 people have died in a fresh outbreak of the so-called Black Death ...

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