With single gene insertion, blind mice regain sight

It was surprisingly simple. University of California, Berkeley, scientists inserted a gene for a green-light receptor into the eyes of blind mice and, a month later, they were navigating around obstacles as easily as mice ...


New cataract surgery options can restore your vision

Cataracts, any ophthalmologist will tell you, are an extremely common side effect of growing older. Live long enough, and most people will develop this condition—a clouding of the normally clear eye lens—in one or both ...


What are eye floaters?

Spots, flashes of light or darkness on any side of your vision could be a sign of eye floaters. Most often noticeable when looking at a plain, bright background, such as a blue sky or a white wall, eye floaters are a symptom ...


Stay safe with strategies to prevent falls

Tripping over a rug or slipping on a wet kitchen floor is something that could happen anytime, and the consequences can be serious: Falls are the leading cause of injury for older adults in the United States.

Alzheimer's disease & dementia

New evidence links sight loss to dementia

A new study suggests that sight loss in people over 71 years old may be linked to dementia. The study was published on July 13 in JAMA Ophthalmology.

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