Psychology & Psychiatry

Voicing your preferences for a mate—and more

Dear Health Men: You have talked about how a man's height and weight affect how he's treated, perceived and how much money he makes. What about the pitch of his voice?

Psychology & Psychiatry

Why your kids know when you're trying to put on a brave face

It's 7:30am on a Monday morning and you're trying to get your little darlings out of the house for school. The week has only just begun but already you can feel your temper being tested: your children appear to be physically ...

Psychology & Psychiatry

Why some people believe they can hear the dead

It's a blustery October night in 1841, and though Liverpool is sleeping, Mrs Bates is very much awake. Before her, shining brightly at the foot of her bed, is an "open vision" of her friend Elizabeth Morgan, "standing in ...

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