Obstetrics & gynaecology

In a post-Roe era, it's about supporting, not reporting

Emergency department physicians have long navigated challenging ethical and legal situations to care for "anyone, with anything, at any time," and the Emergency Medical Treatment and Labor Act has required them to do so since ...


Alpha brain waves may predict post-surgery pain

Patients who are most likely to suffer severe pain following an operation can be reliably identified using a new technique developed at the University of Birmingham.


EU regulator advises AstraZeneca's COVID drug be cleared

The European Union's drug regulator said Thursday it was recommending that an antibody medication developed by AstraZeneca be authorized to help some vulnerable people avoid getting sick with the coronavirus.

Medical research

Novel treatments to prevent infections in patients with leukemia

Using either universal myeloid progenitor cells or expanded umbilical cord blood transplantation could help prevent infections in patients with leukemia, according to a pair of studies co-authored by Olga Frankfurt, MD, associate ...

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