Overweight & Obesity

Overeating? It may be a brain glitch

With springtime comes the desire to shed those few extra pounds, in preparation to don swimsuits and head to the pool. This year, new obesity research is making it easier to find a pathway that is right for us.

Overweight & Obesity

Females no longer neglected in obesity research

One of the environmental factors that promote obesity, and the consequent health problems, are energy dense diets. Intense research is ongoing, looking for the mechanisms behind and ways to prevent this. But a recent review ...

Overweight & Obesity

Maintaining weight as important as weight loss

More resources should go into helping people maintain their weight loss after dieting, rather than just focussing on losing weight, new research suggests. In a paper published today in the BMJ, researchers from Newcastle ...


Not your fault! Hormones linked to weight regain

Any dieter knows that it's hard to keep off weight you've lost. Now a study finds that even a year after dieters shed a good chunk of weight quickly, their hormones were still insisting, "Eat! Eat! Eat!"

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