Mayo Clinic minute: Three tips for healthy fitness during winter

Frigid winter temperatures may make you want to skip your workout and curl up in a blanket indoors, but it's important not to let the weather affect your exercise plan. Dr. Sara Filmalter, a Mayo Clinic sports medicine specialist, ...


Stay safe, play safe in a winter wonderland

(HealthDay)—When you're outdoors enjoying the winter weather, be sure to protect against cold temperature-related injuries, a sports medicine expert says.

Psychology & Psychiatry

Harsh winter brings some psychological benefits, says researcher

University at Buffalo researcher Mark Seery, who studies stress and coping, says the severe winter weather seems at first glance to have few redeeming qualities. Frigid temperatures and daily battles with mounds of snow ...

Diseases, Conditions, Syndromes

Will climate change mean worse flu seasons?

(HealthDay)—Mild winters where few people catch the flu tend to be followed by serious flu outbreaks the next year, a new study finds, suggesting that global warming could mean harsher flu seasons ahead.

Diseases, Conditions, Syndromes

New study explains puzzling Lyme disease patterns

(Medical Xpress)—In the U.S., most human cases of tick-borne Lyme disease occur in the Northeast—with a smaller cluster in the Midwest—even though the bacteria that cause it are equally common in ticks in both regions. ...

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