When it comes to respiratory effects of wood smoke, sex matters

Exposure to wood smoke can have different effects on the respiratory immune systems of men and women—effects that may be obscured when data from men and women are lumped together, according to a study published today in ...


Staying warm, cozy and safe by the fire

(HealthDay)—Holiday gatherings might not seem complete without a warm crackling fire, but when a get-together includes kids, safety needs to be on everyone's mind.


Air pollution increases risk of death in Gothenburg

People who live where there are high levels of air pollution have an increased risk of dying prematurely. Air pollution levels in Gothenburg have, however, decreased by half in the past few decades. A doctoral thesis at Sahlgrenska ...


Traffic pollution and wood smoke increases asthma in adults

(Medical Xpress)—Asthma sufferers frequently exposed to heavy traffic pollution or smoke from wood fire heaters, experienced a significant worsening of symptoms, a new University of Melbourne led study has found.

Medical research

Half of inhaled diesel soot gets stuck in the lungs: study

The exhaust from diesel-fuelled vehicles, wood fires and coal-driven power stations contains small particles of soot that flow out into the atmosphere. The soot is a scourge for the climate but also for human health. Now ...

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