US Supreme Court to weigh in on abortion pill access

The US Supreme Court was poised to wade into the divisive battle over the abortion drug mifepristone with a ruling due Friday on lower court-ordered restrictions on the widely used pill.


US clinic charts course through abortion pill chaos

Tammi Kromenaker is a seasoned fighter in the grinding battle over reproductive rights in America—but even she has to admit that the latest front, over access to a widely used abortion pill, is a "mess."


Appeals court keeps abortion pill available, with restrictions

A federal appeals court on Wednesday said the abortion pill mifepristone could remain available for now. But the court's judges added some provisions to their ruling: A block on mailing the pill to patients as well as stays ...

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Liberal US states stockpile abortion pills after ruling

California has begun stockpiling abortion pills, the governor announced Monday, joining other liberal states in fighting a conservative-led effort to restrict access to reproductive care in the United States.

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US government seeks to stay block on abortion pill

The US Justice Department urged an appeals court on Monday to freeze a ruling by a federal judge in Texas that would ban a widely used abortion pill in a far-reaching case that looks likely to wind up at the Supreme Court.

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