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Inflammatory disorders

Inflammation discovery advances the fight against chronic liver disease

In a world-first, QIMR Berghofer scientists have discovered the mechanism that causes severe inflammation among millions of people with chronic liver disease.

Diseases, Conditions, Syndromes

Study lays the basis for new perspectives on gastrointestinal diseases

The transition from the esophagus to the stomach is a delicate region from a medical point of view, often associated with pathological disorders leading to cancer. An international research team has now gained new insights ...

Diseases, Conditions, Syndromes

New focus for chronic liver disease care

Developing improved care models for decompensated liver disease is one of the major clinical challenges in gastroenterology and hepatology, and in a recent landmark study, published in Hepatology, researches from Flinders ...


Prebiotics could help space travelers stay healthy

Space travel can be hard on the human body, but new research suggests that cultivating a healthy gut microbiome could help astronauts weather the stresses of altered gravity. Researchers presented their work at the American ...

Medical research

Blast exposure linked to intestinal problems

A study by New York and Rocky Mountain U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs researchers showed blast exposure can cause intestinal permeability, a condition that can lead to gut bacteria entering the bloodstream and causing ...