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Autism spectrum disorders news

Autism spectrum disorders

Joint attention-based AI system helps detect autism

A joint attention-based deep learning system provides good predictive performance for differentiating autism spectrum disorder (ASD) from typical development (TD), according to a study published online May 25 in JAMA Network ...


Nitric oxide levels found to have reversible causative role in autism spectrum disorder in a mouse model

Researchers at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and the University of Haifa in Israel have discovered that production of nitric oxide in the brain correlates with autistic symptoms. In their paper, "The NO Answer for Autism ...

Autism spectrum disorders

Young girls more difficult to diagnose with autism, say researchers

Girls with autism tend to be diagnosed later than boys, largely because they can present with different characteristics than those classically related to autism. This means that they may not receive the supports they need.

Autism spectrum disorders

Research links common insecticide to neurodevelopmental disorders

A new study from The University of Toledo suggests early exposure to a common class of insecticides called pyrethroids may increase the risk of autism and other developmental disorders, even at levels currently recognized ...