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Autism spectrum disorders news

Autism spectrum disorders

Empowering autistic teens: New clinician advice for navigating chronic pain

When you're an autistic teenager living with chronic pain, getting treatment for your pain can be a challenging experience. That's according to a group of young people who've spoken to Dr. Abbie Jordan of the Department of ...

Psychology & Psychiatry

Japan versus UK: Impact of social camouflage on mental health in autistic adults

As people with autism grow up, they face unique challenges. They find it difficult to deal with mental health issues. There is a big gap in understanding how pretending to fit in (known as social camouflage), cultural beliefs, ...

Autism spectrum disorders

Study reveals microbiome changes linked to autism spectrum disorder

Autism spectrum disorder (ASD), a neurodevelopmental condition characterized by decreased social communication and repetitive behaviors, has long intrigued scientists seeking to unravel its underlying mechanisms. Researchers ...

Autism spectrum disorders

New UK report reveals autism assessment and support crisis

A report published today (Friday 2 February) by the Child of the North initiative—led by the N8 Research Partnership and former Children's Commissioner Anne Longfield's new Center for Young Lives think tank, reveals a crisis ...

Autism spectrum disorders

Clues to autism's causes may lie in the gut

Professor Alessio Fasano, a gastroenterologist at Massachusetts General Hospital in the US, has several relatives and friends raising children with autism—a neurological disorder characterized by impaired social behavior—so ...

Autism spectrum disorders

Identifying the barriers to communication in children with autism

Approximately 30% of individuals with autism do not develop speech that is sufficient for meeting the communication demands of everyday life. People with autism and little to no functional speech rely on augmentative and ...