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COVID vaccine induces robust T cell responses in blood cancer patients

Researchers have found that, despite being heavily immunocompromised, hematology patients generate strong cellular immune responses against SARS-CoV-2 after vaccination, on par with that of healthy individuals.

Diseases, Conditions, Syndromes

COVID-19 vaccination fatigue on the rise: Researchers analyze measures aimed at increasing booster uptake

With vaccination fatigue growing and the emergence of new coronavirus variants a possibility, health officials face a potential challenge when it comes to encouraging the public to get regular boosters to protect them against ...

Medical economics

Vaccine gap 'fueling Nigeria's diphtheria outbreak'

Low vaccine coverage and weak infrastructure have fueled a recurrence of diphtheria in Nigeria, especially in rural areas beset by poor access to healthcare services, public health experts say.


Moderna rebuked over plan to hike COVID vaccine to $130

Moderna's chief executive on Wednesday defended the US company's plan to quadruple the price of its lifesaving COVID vaccine to as much as $130 per dose as soon as government stockpiles run out.


The key role of partners and children in pandemic prevention

Having a partner and, to a lesser extent, having children, leads people aged 50+ to take greater precautions against COVID-19, starting with the choice to get vaccinated. In a study published in PNAS, University of Florence ...


China approves first domestic mRNA vaccine for COVID-19

China has approved its first locally developed messenger RNA (mRNA) vaccine against COVID-19, its manufacturer said Wednesday, months after the relaxation of strict COVID-zero regulations sparked a surge in cases.