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Alzheimer's disease & dementia

Being socially active in mid-late life linked to 30–50% lower dementia risk

People who are socially engaged when middle aged and beyond are 30-50% less likely to develop dementia later on, finds a new review of evidence led by UCL researchers.


Antipsychotic drugs use increased in Canadian long-term care homes in first year of pandemic

While most aspects of care quality in long-term care homes did not differ in the first year of the pandemic from pre-pandemic levels, a new study shows that the use of antipsychotic drugs increased in all provinces.


Virtual village can empower vulnerable groups of people

New psychosocial stressors and widespread lifestyle changes resulted from the COVID-19 pandemic, contributing to depression, isolation, and anxiety. Many studies have explored the impact of the pandemic on the general population's ...

Gerontology & Geriatrics

Living in an almshouse boosts life expectancy, UK report finds

Living in an almshouse can boost the longevity of its residents by as much as two-and-a-half years compared to their counterparts in the general population, according to a new Bayes Business School report.

Medical research

Oxygen restriction helps fast-aging lab mice live longer

For the first time, researchers have shown that reduced oxygen intake, or "oxygen restriction," is associated with longer lifespan in lab mice, highlighting its anti-aging potential. Robert Rogers of Massachusetts General ...