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New insight on the role of the primate orbitofrontal cortex in value-based decision-making

The orbitofrontal cortex (OFC), a subsection of the brain's frontal lobe, is known to play a part in value-based decision-making, the process of mentally weighing the outcome of different decisions and then selecting one. ...


New study on vapes challenges belief that adolescents experience less severe withdrawal symptoms

Vapes or e-cigarettes were introduced as a potentially safer alternative to traditional smoking to curb tobacco use. However, the popularity of vapes has risen among an age group they weren't intended for: adolescents.

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Sound waves harden 3D-printed treatments in deep tissues

Engineers at Duke University and Harvard Medical School have developed a bio-compatible ink that solidifies into different 3D shapes and structures by absorbing ultrasound waves. Because it responds to sound waves rather ...