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Team develops contact lenses that respond to UV and temperature changes

The global rise in ocular diseases, largely due to insufficient ophthalmic diagnostics and monitoring, has emphasized the need for better treatment methods. Pioneering developments in therapeutic and diagnostic contact lenses ...


Study IDs barriers to eye screening among adults with diabetes

Food insecurity, housing insecurity, mental health concerns, and the perceived importance of practitioner concordance are associated with a lower likelihood of receiving eye care among adults with diabetes, according to a ...


Researchers help unravel brain processes involved in vision

Faced with images that break the expected pattern, like a do not enter sign where a stop sign is expected, how does the brain react and learn compared to being shown images that match what was predicted?

Diseases, Conditions, Syndromes

The role of iron in blindness caused by ocular toxoplasmosis

Researchers from Nagoya University Graduate School of Medicine have identified the role of iron in ocular toxoplasmosis (OT), a form of toxoplasmosis that causes blindness. They found reduced iron concentration in the clear ...

Medical research

Is there a physiological explanation behind experiencing glare?

What is glare? Simply put, glare is visual discomfort often leading to annoyance, fatigue or even headaches. Perception of glare varies from person to person, and one set of lighting conditions may be comfortable for one ...