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New insights on celery allergies and associated risks

Celery, a major cause of vegetable allergies, carries the risk of causing severe allergic reactions, especially in individuals with mugwort pollen sensitization.

Inflammatory disorders

Parents' vaping might help spur eczema in kids

A mom or dad who vapes at home might be setting their child up for eczema, new research suggests.

Psychology & Psychiatry

Low stress resilience is linked to increased risk of psoriasis

Young adults who find it harder to cope with stress are more likely to develop psoriasis later in life. Low stress resilience when enlisting for military service involves a 31% higher risk of developing psoriasis compared ...


How are asthma and heart health linked?

Although the heart and lungs are neighbors in your chest, people may think of them as separate entities with unrelated problems.

Inflammatory disorders

Evaluating a mobile app as a training tool to detect skin diseases

The Journal of Medical Internet Research has published the results from the first phase of the validation study on the SkinNTDs mobile app, which aims to help control neglected tropical diseases and some common skin diseases, ...


Exploring the mechanism behind drug eruptions in the skin

Although medications can often help patients find a cure or respite from their condition, millions of people worldwide suffer from unpredictable drug toxicities every year. In particular, drug eruptions which manifest through ...

Medical research

Fighting fat and inflammation: Scientists develop new compounds

Modified derivatives of natural products have led to significant therapeutic advances and commercial success in recent times. Menthol is a naturally occurring cyclic monoterpene alcohol found in various plants, particularly ...

Diseases, Conditions, Syndromes

Could a low-cal keto diet help ease acne?

In a small pilot study, some young women looking to lose weight on a low-calorie keto diet got an unexpected benefit: Their acne began to clear up.


Iron fuels immune cells—and it could make asthma worse

You've likely heard that you can get iron from eating spinach and steak. You might also know that it's an essential trace element that is a major component of hemoglobin, a protein in red blood cells that carries oxygen from ...

Inflammatory disorders

Could better inhalers help patients, and the planet?

Miguel Divo, a lung specialist at Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston, sits in an exam room across from Joel Rubinstein, who has asthma. Rubinstein, a retired psychiatrist, is about to get a checkup and hear a surprising ...

Inflammatory disorders

Tailored vaccine could one day treat eczema in children

New research from a multi-disciplinary team at Trinity College Dublin suggests a "tailored vaccine" might hold the key to treating bacteria-driven flares of eczema in children. The work has been published in JCI Insight.