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Oncology & Cancer news

Oncology & Cancer

A 20-year study may upend long-held theory about chromosomes and cancer

Johns Hopkins Medicine scientists say their 20-year study of more than 200 people with premature aging syndromes caused by abnormally short telomeres, or shortened repetitive DNA sequences at the ends of chromosomes, may ...

Oncology & Cancer

New drug delivery method harnesses clotting to target tumors

University of Wisconsin-Madison researchers have developed a new method for targeting tumors with cancer drugs by exploiting the clotting propensity of blood platelets.

Oncology & Cancer

New breast cancer susceptibility gene candidate identified

A paper published in the American Journal of Human Genetics proposes ATRIP gene variants as a breast cancer susceptibility gene candidate based on a study of women without any of the known breast cancer-associated gene variants.

Oncology & Cancer

Allies or enemies of cancer: The dual fate of neutrophils

Why do cancer immunotherapies work so extraordinarily well in a minority of patients, but fail in so many others? By analyzing the role of neutrophils, immune cells whose presence usually signals treatment failure, scientists ...

Oncology & Cancer

Novel lymphoma tumor model paves way for new therapies

In recent years, innovative cancer drugs that target specific molecular drivers of the disease have been embraced as the treatment of choice for many types of cancer. But despite significant advances, there is still a lack ...

Medical research

Discovery could be key to reducing leukemia treatment resistance

In a world first, Newcastle researchers have discovered the mechanisms acute myeloid leukemia (AML) cells use to produce "free radicals"—the byproduct of a cell process that aggressively fuels the growth of cancer cells ...