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The hunt is on for the telltale biomarker revealing precise degree of protection conferred by Moderna's mRNA vaccine

A new analysis is shedding light on antibody measurements that can help predict the protective capabilities of the Moderna mRNA vaccine for COVID-19.

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Experimental 'decoy' protects against SARS-CoV-2 infection

An experimental "decoy" has provided long-term protection from infection by the pandemic virus in mice, a new study finds.

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Study sheds light on a herpesvirus lurking in the connective tissue

It was previously believed that herpesviruses use certain body cells to replicate and other body cells to remain dormant, that is to remain inactive for a longer period of time. This dogma is now being questioned using the ...


Summer thunderstorms can leave asthma-sufferers breathless

As the weather heats up, many are looking forward to getting outside for some fun in the sun. But for asthma-sufferers, the summer season can present dangerous conditions through asthma triggers that many are unaware of, ...