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Immunology news


Repeat COVID-19 vaccinations elicit antibodies that neutralize variants, other viruses

The COVID-19 pandemic is over, but the virus that caused it is still here, sending thousands of people to the hospital each week and spinning off new variants with depressing regularity. The virus's exceptional ability to ...


Unlocking the body's defenses: Understanding immunotherapy

In the battle against diseases, the human body boasts an intricate defense network capable of identifying and neutralizing threats—the immune system. It serves as a guardian, constantly patrolling the body to keep it safe ...

Oncology & Cancer

Gut bacteria enhance cancer immunotherapy in mouse study

Roughly one in five cancer patients benefit from immunotherapy—a treatment that harnesses the immune system to fight cancer. Such an approach to beating cancer has seen significant success in lung cancer and melanoma, among ...


Review explores cell-based immunotherapies for sepsis

Imagine the human body mounting an excessively heightened reaction to an infection, causing multiple organ failures and posing a risk of death. This condition, recognized as sepsis, affects approximately 49 million individuals ...

Oncology & Cancer

Breaking bad blood: How rogue neutrophils help lung cancer spread

Lung cancer remains a leading global health concern, responsible for the highest number of cancer-related deaths worldwide. Central to its development is the tumor microenvironment, which involves a complex interplay with ...


Iron fuels immune cells—and it could make asthma worse

You've likely heard that you can get iron from eating spinach and steak. You might also know that it's an essential trace element that is a major component of hemoglobin, a protein in red blood cells that carries oxygen from ...