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Medical research

Scientists solve decades long mystery of NLRC5 sensor function in cell death

The innate immune system is responsible for protecting the human body from threats that could cause disease or infection. The system relies on innate immune sensors to detect and transmit signals about these threats. One ...

Oncology & Cancer

Nano-immunotherapy developed to improve lung cancer treatment

Researchers at Brigham and Women's Hospital have developed a new nanomedicine therapy that delivers anticancer drugs to lung cancer cells and enhances the immune system's ability to fight cancer.


Boosting CAR-T cell therapies from under the skin

CAR-T cell therapies are transforming the treatment of previously incurable blood cancers. Six approved CAR-T products have been administered to more than 20,000 people, and more than 500 clinical trials are underway. However, ...

Oncology & Cancer

Safer virus helps eliminate cancer in mouse study

Northwestern Medicine scientists have discovered that an attenuated (weakened) virus can help eliminate cancer in mice. In addition, mice that were treated with this virus were more resistant to developing tumors later in ...


New platform streamlines epitope comparison in antibody research

Monoclonal antibodies are crucial therapeutics due to their high specificity and binding affinity for epitopes (the precise sites where an antibody attaches itself to an antigen, triggering an immune response). Since the ...