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HIV & AIDS news


New HIV reporter model: Visualizing HIV viral dynamics in cells with dual fluorescence

Kumamoto University researchers have developed a novel viral reporter system named HIV-Tocky (Timer of Cell Kinetics and Activity). This innovative system allows for real-time visualization of HIV dynamics post-viral infection.


Researchers investigate possible rural-urban divide in HIV risk behaviors

Although most newly diagnosed HIV patients in the United States live in cities, about 20% of new HIV infections are diagnosed in rural areas. Sexual minority males (gay, bisexual, queer and other men who have sex with men) ...


Pharma firm urged to share new 'game-changer' HIV drug

More than 300 politicians, health experts and celebrities on Thursday called for US pharmaceutical giant Gilead to allow cheap, generic versions of a promising new HIV drug to be produced so it can reach people in developing ...


Circumcision may reduce the risk of HIV infection

A randomized controlled trial comprised of 247 men who have sex with men (MSM) found that voluntary medical male circumcision (VMMC) can prevent incident HIV infection. These findings suggest that MSM should be included in ...


What is PrEP? Will it stop me getting HIV?

HIV prevention was allocated A$43.9 million over three years in this week's federal budget. Some $26m of this is for "PrEP" for people without access to Medicare.


New research traces the spread of HIV in and from Indonesia

The HIV variant dominant in Indonesia was introduced from Thailand over multiple events. A Kobe University study traces where it came from and how it spread from there, offering possible insights into the development of treatments ...