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Psychology & Psychiatry

Study suggests the brain's reward system works to make others happy, not just ourselves

Making decisions that impact the lives of others involves considering the options available and selecting ones that will provide optimal benefit to them. This happens on a broad scale, from getting a gift for a friend to ...

Psychology & Psychiatry

Last whistle: Tackling tough issues athletes face when they retire from sports

Life changes radically and can be rough on athletes who are forced to retire, and a new study has found that women and younger people are more prone to experience symptoms of anxiety than more mature sportsmen.

Psychology & Psychiatry

Research explores why we remember what we remember

We've all been in a similar situation—you lock your front door for the umpteenth time in a given week only to panic minutes later when you're driving to work as you struggle to remember if you actually locked the door.

Psychology & Psychiatry

The joy of sports: How watching sports can boost well-being

For many individuals, sports have long served as a source of enjoyment and relaxation. Watching sports, particularly at large gatherings, goes beyond entertainment. It fosters a sense of community and belonging among audiences. ...