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Breastfeeding may reduce arsenic exposure in infants in arsenic-contaminated areas

Arsenic contamination is a significant threat to human health in many parts of the world. Exposure to high levels of arsenic has been associated with a range of health problems such as diabetes, cognitive dysfunction, and ...


California health program successfully cut hospital visits

A five-year experiment aimed at improving care for some of California's most at-risk Medicaid patients—including homeless people and people with severe drug addictions—resulted in fewer hospitalizations and emergency ...


Is vaping any healthier than smoking?

There's been plenty of scientific debate about whether vaping is safer than tobacco, and whether it may help some people stop smoking.

Psychology & Psychiatry

Five ways singing helps humanity

We all know that singing is fun—just think back to the last time you belted out a rock tune on a family road trip, or sang along with friends, and strangers, at the pub or a music festival.

Diseases, Conditions, Syndromes

Q&A: Six UTI myths and facts

As a woman in my mid-60s, I have been diagnosed with a urinary tract infection for the first time ever. I was surprised to find out that I don't need antibiotics because I don't have any symptoms. There's a lot of conflicting ...