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NSAIDs vs. acetaminophen: Which over-the-counter medicine should I use?

Pain relievers you buy at the store may be one of the first things you reach for when you hurt yourself, have a headache or backache, or feel discomfort due to some other nagging ailment that doesn't require a visit to the ...


Study reveals how to reduce frailty in nursing home residents

A University of Adelaide led study has defied a common misconception that nursing home residents experience a deterioration in their level of frailty and functional status.


Strategies for improving sleep in older adults

Brienne Miner, MD, MHS, assistant professor of medicine (geriatrics), loves to talk about sleep. She first became interested in the subject when she noticed the prevalence of sleep problems among her older patients, and the ...


N. Carolina governor signs Medicaid expansion bill into law

North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper on Monday signed a Medicaid expansion law that was a decade in the making and gives the Democrat a legacy-setting victory, although one significant hurdle remains before coverage can be implemented, ...


Ending THC use may reverse its impacts on male fertility

A 2022 study from Oregon Health & Science University researchers confirmed that chronic use of cannabis may greatly impact male fertility and reproductive outcomes in nonhuman primates—but it was unclear whether the effects ...