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How listening to music can take the edge off the menopause transition

As researchers continue to seek effective treatment options for menopause symptoms as alternatives to proven pharmacologic solutions, a number of innovative therapies have been shown to improve symptoms. A new study identifies ...

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EXPLAINER: What's known about 'stealth' version of omicron?

Scientists and health officials around the world are keeping their eyes on a descendant of the omicron variant that has been found in at least 40 countries, including the United States.

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S. Korea tests new virus steps as infections reach new high

South Korea on Wednesday began enforcing new COVID-19 response measures, including reduced quarantine periods and expanded rapid testing, as its new cases jumped nearly 50% in a day.

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German lawmakers to debate possible COVID vaccine mandate

Germany's parliament is set to hold its first debate Wednesday on a possible wide-ranging coronavirus vaccine mandate, with three options emerging: obligatory vaccinations for all adults or for everyone above 50, or no mandate ...


Scientists discover new avian immunological pathway

A research team led by a biomedical scientist at the University of California, Riverside, has discovered a new immune pathway in chickens that viruses—such as those that tend to infect birds, humans, and animals and spread ...


How the brain knows when to take out the trash

The brain has its own housekeeping service, a sophisticated mechanism that cleans up debris that is left over from cellular activity. But scientists have had a hard time figuring out exactly how the brain knows when to initiate ...

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