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Virus spike in Spain reveals plight of seasonal farm workers

In the 20 years since he left his native Senegal, Biram Fall has never slept in the streets. This week, when he ran out of savings after failing to find work in northern Spain's peach orchards, he still refused to do so.


China plans reforms to organ donation rules

China is planning changes in its organ donation rules to tackle a shortage of donors and curb illicit harvesting after it stopped taking tissue from executed prisoners five years ago.

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Pubs open, gyms shut: England's health dilemma

It is raining hard but Bradley, a fitness instructor, and four of his gym rats are sweating profusely while alternating between squats and abdominal exercises in a London park.

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WHO says first alerted to virus by its office, not China

The World Health Organization has updated its account of the early stages of the COVID crisis to say it was alerted by its own office in China, and not by China itself, to the first pneumonia cases in Wuhan.

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Russia announces virus deaths exceed 10,000

Russia on Saturday said that it recorded more than 10,000 deaths from the coronavirus pandemic, a toll that is still far lower than in other countries with major outbreaks.

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