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Autism spectrum disorders news

Autism spectrum disorders

Study: Researchers find link between plastic additive and autism, ADHD

The incidence of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) has greatly increased over the last few decades. The reasons are largely unknown, although environmental factors are believed ...


Doll play allows children to develop and practice social skills regardless of their neurodevelopmental profile

Neuroscientists from Cardiff University have found that doll play could benefit children with varying social communication styles, including those who display neurodivergent traits commonly associated with autism.

Autism spectrum disorders

Can a simple eye exam help diagnose autism?

Females are often underdiagnosed with being on the autism spectrum because they often mask their symptoms more successfully than males. The key to understanding why may be in a simple eye exam.


Language acquisition may work differently in people with autism

You're looking at a truck. You're with a young child and he follows your gaze. He's interested in the object you're looking at without you pointing at it. This is called joint attention and it is one of the primary ways children ...

Autism spectrum disorders

One in four autistic doctors have attempted suicide, new study shows

A quarter (24%) of autistic doctors have attempted suicide, and more than three-quarters (77%) have considered it, according to a new study by Brighton and Sussex Medical School (BSMS), Thomas Jefferson University and Autistic ...

Autism spectrum disorders

New research shows private equity profiting off autism services

Before 2001, neither commercial health insurance companies nor Medicaid covered services for people with autism. By 2015, thanks in large part to the advocacy of thousands of parents, all but seven states had mandates requiring ...

Autism spectrum disorders

App helps identify autistic children in India

Children with autism and related neurodevelopmental disorders in India can be successfully identified by community healthcare workers using a low-cost app, a study has found.


Review of efficacy and safety of novel MDXX analogs

A new review in the journal Psychedelic Medicine describes the complex pharmacology of methylenedioxy amphetamine analogs, or MDXX drugs, and how they may help treat autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

Autism spectrum disorders

New research clarifies connection between autism and the microbiome

The biological roots of autism continue to perplex researchers, despite a growing body of studies looking at an increasing array of genetic, cellular and microbial data. Recently, scientists have homed in on a new and promising ...