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Worst cholera outbreak in decades kills 750 people in Malawi

The worst cholera outbreak to affect Malawi in two decades has now claimed 750 lives, a government minister said, while the World Health Organization chief described the southeast African country as among the hardest-hit ...

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Haiti fears spike in cholera cases as fuel blockade lifts

Cholera cases are overwhelming Haiti as experts warn the situation could worsen now that the country is bustling once again after a paralyzing fuel blockade that lasted two months.

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For struggling Haiti, return of cholera is a 'catastrophe'

When humanitarian officials in Haiti try to describe their concerns over a new, fast-spreading cholera epidemic, they struggle to find words strong enough: "alarming," "chaotic," even "a catastrophe."

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Scientists use machine learning to improve gut disease diagnosis

A study published in the open access journal JAMA Open Network June 14 by scientists at the University of Virginia schools of Engineering and Medicine and the Data Science Institute says machine learning algorithms applied ...

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Cholera claims 18 lives in Zimbabwe: official

At least 18 people have died over the past week in the Zimbabwe capital Harare and scores fallen ill after a cholera and typhoid outbreak in some areas, authorities said Monday.