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What is celiac disease?

Celiac disease is a chronic disease that can't be cured, but treatment can help with symptoms.

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'Secure attachment style': Parents, here's what to know

Picture this: A child running towards their parent, arms outstretched, with an infectious smile stretching from ear to ear. That deep, unbreakable bond built on trust, love and security is an outgrowth of a secure attachment ...


Study shows racial inequities in newborn drug testing

If a newborn tests positive for certain drugs after birth, mandated reporters in many states—including health care professionals and social workers—are required to report it to Child Protective Services.

Diseases, Conditions, Syndromes

I have COVID symptoms. Should I do a test?

You've got a sore throat and feel like you might be coming down with something. A year ago, you would likely have taken a rapid test from your stash, and tested for COVID. But what about now? In many countries you are no ...

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