Capsule captures first look inside digestion in healthy people

Using a specially designed capsule, researchers can now voyage through the digestive system, collecting new data about digestion and microorganisms. The work by a team including researchers at the University of California, ...


FDA approves first pill for fecal transplant therapy

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration on Wednesday approved the first pill form of fecal microbiota—similar to what's known as fecal transplant therapy—to treat the bacterial infection Clostridioides difficile, one of ...


First pill for fecal transplants wins FDA approval

U.S. health officials on Wednesday approved the first pill made from healthy bacteria found in human waste to fight dangerous gut infections—an easier way of performing so-called fecal transplants.

Medical research

Severe hepatitis outbreak linked to common childhood viruses

A new UC San Francisco-led study brings scientists closer to understanding the causes of a mysterious rash of cases of acute severe hepatitis that began appearing in otherwise healthy children after COVID-19 lockdowns eased ...

Psychology & Psychiatry

Immune system cells in the gut linked to stress-induced depression

In experiments with mice and humans, a team led by Johns Hopkins Medicine researchers says it has identified a particular intestinal immune cell that impacts the gut microbiome, which in turn may affect brain functions linked ...

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